1xBet Thimbles Casino – Classic Game in a New Format

To have a great leisure time today, you need a little – a device to access the Internet and your favorite game. 1xBet Thimbles casino offers a lot of gambling entertainment for experienced players and beginners. The company’s customers also have the opportunity to bet on events in the world of professional sports. The line covers cricket, soccer, hockey, tennis, cyber sports, badminton, and baseball tournaments.

One of the most popular games on the platform is Thimbles. It was played by almost everyone, only now this entertainment is offered in a certified casino, where you get a win for guessing the bowl under which the ball is hidden.

The game is characterized by a well-thought-out interface. The central part is occupied by 3 thimbles or bowls. The panel with the choice of bet denomination is provided right below them. You can turn on/off the musical accompaniment in the settings. After the bet is made, you need to choose a bowl. If there is a ball under it, the screen will display a message about the win with an indication of its size. Next, you can take your money and leave or try to guess again. 

The game is certified, so cheating or attempts to confuse the player are excluded. The history of previous rounds helps you adapt your betting tactics.

The game has 2 modes – normal and risky. In the first one, 2 balls are used at once, thanks to which the chances of a successful choice increase from 33% to 66%. The payout ratio in this case is 1.44. If the user makes a bet, for example, for the amount of 10 dollars, he will get back 14.4 dollars.

The high-risk mode assumes that there is only one ball. The probability of guessing where the ball is hiding is 33%. Payouts in this mode are 2 times higher – x2.88. With a bet of 10 dollars, the winnings will be equal to 28.8 dollars.

Why should you play Thimbles at 1xBet casino?

The gaming platform has a lot of positive reviews, which is not surprising, because it has been operating on the market for over 10 years. The services are provided based on a license issued in the jurisdiction of Curaçao, which guarantees security and confidentiality. 1xBet Thimbles, like other casino games, is certified, using proven random number generators. In practice, it means that winning depends only on the user’s luck and intuition. 

Other advantages of online casinos:

  1. Easy registration. It literally takes 2-3 minutes to create an account on the gaming platform. There are several registration options to choose from – fast, through third-party services, using a phone number or email address. It is extremely important to provide only reliable information about yourself to get only a positive experience from the game. Before registering, it is necessary to study the rules of the platform.
  2. Favorable limits. To start playing in the casino, it is enough to have a budget of a few dollars. The minimum bet in “Thimbles” is only 0.1 dollars.
  3. Bonus program. The casino encourages new and active players. Newcomers have the opportunity to take part in a welcome promotion. It increases the size of the first few deposits, and also gives the right to a free game on one of the popular slots. The company’s clients receive birthday gifts every year. The higher the activity, the more valuable the bonus.
  1. Jackpot drawings. Large sums of money are regularly drawn between players who bet in the games from the “Games” section. Jackpots can be daily, weekly, or monthly. Their size is not fixed. A part of the money from each bet is allocated to the total prize pool, so jackpots can amount to tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars. All players have a chance to win big.

There is no longer any question about what to do in your free time with 1xBet. You can open the website or app at any time and explore the world of gambling.

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